When you have got a growing bump, finding the perfect outfit for a party or wedding can pose quite a challenge. Our guide will help you find out the perfect outfit for every occasion. The important key is to dress for the shape you have now. It is advised that you have to buy your outfit as near as you can to the date of your special occasion. If you are buying your outfit months ahead, you won’t be able to judge how much your shape is going to change.

The following options are there when buying maternity clothes for special occasions:-


If you are going to buy for a special occasion outfit, you can wear at different stages of your pregnancy then the wrap dress is the best option for you. An adjustable tie around the waist will ensure you that you can wear it even your shape changes. The v-shaped neckline will support your neck and shoulders.

Maxi dresses and Empire line can be a great choice if you need a dress falls into your choice. The high and pinched waist of the empire line will draw attention to your cleavage. The flowing skirt and the ankle- length will skim over your hips and bump.


A low- slung skirt can be a good option for you that will enhance your bump. You can dress up a low- slung skirt with casual shirt and flat shoes if you are going for work. Or for a special occasion, you can dress up your skirt with a top and some jewellery.



There are lots of maternity trousers available on the market if you don’t want to show off your legs. If you are going to attend a party, you can dress up a pair of trousers or maternity jeans with a fancy top.



You can wear top with jeans to a casual party. Or you can wear it with a skirt or trousers to a formal event. A top that’s fitted around your bust and then floats outwards will look perfect during pregnancy.

So, you can choose the outfits according to your body’s shape and choice. We hope that the information given above immensely help you to choose maternity tops wear for special occasions.